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Livestock and Poultry Producers Could Benefit from the Proposed 2025 Budget


The National Pork Producers Council has applauded provisions in the proposed 2025 Budget that would allocate $29 billion in discretionary funding to the USDA.  The pork industry will benefit directly from approximately $5 billion for a Swine Health Improvement Plan paralleling the National Poultry Improvement Plan.  The National Veterinary Stockpile would benefit from additional vaccines and therapeutics required to respond to a disease outbreak.  The 2025  USDA budget also includes $3.8 billion for research education and extension.


To date there have been no similar comments from organizations representing the poultry industry.  Given that highly pathogenic avian influenza, that now appears to be endemic, has resulted in severe economic losses for the turkey and egg production sectors, specific allocations will be required to promote health of U.S. flocks. 


It is hoped that the $29 billion in discretionary funding allocated to the USDA will be assigned in an equitable manner and not used mainly to pursue the current programs of restructuring the meat and poultry industries, environmental remediation and to address the needs of “underserved and minority” farmers.