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Penn State Apprenticeship Program


Pennsylvania State University has initiated an apprenticeship program to provide training for students entering livestock production.  The program will be managed by Penn State Extension and will provide 2,000 hours of on-the-job training extending over a year.  Employers will hire apprentices and provide wages and benefits during training. 


Courses will include basic instruction on the care and management of domestic animals and specific classes on biosecurity, welfare and feeding for selected tracks covering dairy, swine or poultry.  Instruction will also be provided on communication, time management, and related areas. The program will commence in mid-June with initial courses in animal care and general skills.


The Penn State program, should be emulated by other Land-Grant universities with appropriate adaptations for regional needs. It would be interesting to determine whether USDA funding is available for training given the prodigious volume of grants extended to support various initiatives during the current Administration.