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Dr. Katelyn Jetelina Named aTIME100 Most Influential Person in Health


Katelyn Jetelina, PhD., MPH, Editor and distributor of the YLE (Your Local Epidemiologist) Newsletter has been named one of the TIME100 Most Influential People in Health for 2024.  In a statement recognizing the distinction, Dr. Jetelina noted, “It is with overwhelming gratitude, a little embarrassment and incredible excitement to share that YLE made it into the TIME100 Most Influential People in Health.”  She noted that, “For the past few years, I have felt like I am going through the jungle with a machete to carve out a new path that I believe so deeply needs to be paved: One that empowers people to make evidence-based health decisions by bringing them on the scientific discovery ride.”


The newsletter originated as an E-mail to faculty and students four years ago.  It now has over 400 million views in 133 nations.


Dr. Jetelina is a leader in translating scientific discovery and epidemiologic realities for professional and public understanding.  She was instrumental in dispelling many myths and misperceptions during the COVID years. Above all, her logic and ability to communicate bridge the gulf between laboratories and everyday life. 


A keen advocate for immunization, the YLE newsletter has positively influenced decision makers and politicians saving lives and reducing the impact of communicable diseases.  EGG-NEWS frequently quotes from the YLE Newsletter since it is an authoritative and reliable source of information.  Subscription to her newsletter is strongly endorsed especially for those in our industry that must communicate complicated concepts relating to communicable and foodborne diseases and their prevention to customers and the media.