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Ovotrack Completes MPS Egg Farm Installation


During April, Ovotrack B.V. Completed installation of a comprehensive software system at the MPS Egg Farms plant in Loda, IL. The system harmonizes both Aeros and existing Ovotrack software.


Mark Casper, GM of MPS Egg Farms stated, “We have now started the implementation of      Ovotrack at Feather Crest in Texas and Country Charm in Georgia.  He added, “Inventory control and digitalization of our process was our main goal when we started this project that will allow us to comply with FDA traceability rules”.

Adam Jones of MPS Egg Farms stated, “We have weekly Teams meetings with the Ovotrack project team where we discuss progress and address issues.  We are actually up and running at all plants in Illinois and Indiana right now with real-time inventory control for packing material and finished goods incorporating scanning of pallets and generating printed packing lists that are provided through our Aeros installation”.


Recently Ovotrack received Microsoft Partner certification.  This enables the Company to access current technology distributed within the Microsoft Partner network.


With increasing demand for Ovotrack installations, the company has strengthened the customer support team appointing specialists in both the Netherlands and the USA to update software for labels and reports.  Ovotrack has the capability of taking over programs in real-time to effect changes and to provide assistance.


For further information access the Ovotrack website by clicking onto the company logo on the right side of the welcome page.