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Response to Earnings of ASPCA CEO


The Center for the Environment and Welfare, a pro-industry lobby, has gained considerable traction from publicizing the apparent $1 million annual benefits of the ASPCA CEO, Matt Bershadker.  The ASPCA is no friend of the egg and livestock industries. The organization does not appear to support stray and abused companion animals despite the image portrayed in tear-jerking TV commercials.  A disproportionately low amount of their annual contributions is assigned to pet shelters in contrast to the lavish salaries and benefits accorded management of the organization.


The Center for the Environment and Welfare has successfully highlighted the deception and cynicism of both the ASPCA and PETA and kindred organizations that appear to exist for the benefit of their organizers, taking advantage of their collective IRS 501(c) (3) status.


A list of comments on the Center website were universally critical of SPCA salaries but many were surprised at the lack of support for local animal shelters.  This is understandable given the frequent television and mail solicitations for donations claiming to provide aid for abused animals.  A significant amount of the donations received are reassigned to professional fund-raisers and for lobbying.