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Independence Day Cookout Up Five Percent from 2023


The American Farm Bureau conducts an annual estimate of the cost for a group of ten enjoying a typical Independence Day barbeque.  The tab this year will be $71.22. up five percent from 2023 and 30 percent higher than five years ago before the onset of COVID.  Inflation for food at home was up one percent on an annual basis from May compared to four percent for food away from home. The escalation for the Independence Day barbeque was attributed to higher prices for beef and pork.  Ground beef is up 11 percent, offset by a decrease in the price of chicken.  Hamburger buns will be up seven percent, cheese up one percent and ice cream up seven percent.  Lemonade made with domestic lemons and sugar will increase by 12 percent.


Regional differences will deviate from the approximate $7 per person average with the northeast average for a party of 10 at $63.54 compared to western states at $80.88.