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Food4Less Workers Agree to Contract


The Union representing workers in stores operated by the Food4Less banner of the Kroger Company in California have reached a tentative agreement.  Their contract expired on June 8th and the workers voted to strike unless demands for base pay, benefits and improvements in safety were incorporated into the new agreement.  Negotiations with six locals of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union were successful despite Food4Less listing temporary positions in an attempt to pressure the UFCW.  The Union pointed to the disparity in earnings between their banner and Ralph’s, also owned by Kroger.  The initial offer by the company contained what was regarded as an inadequate increase in salary and failure to adjust health insurance costs. The tentative agreement is subject to ratification  


At the recent Kroger shareholders’ meeting, a “living wage policy” was rejected.  The proposal intended to establish a wage policy “designed to provide workers with the minimum earnings necessary to meet the families’ basic needs” was considered, but voted down.