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Uzelac Industries Satisfies Drying System Needs for the U.S. Poultry Industry


Uzelac Industries Inc. is welcomed as a new sponsor of EGG-NEWS. The Company is an established major supplier of rotary drying systems for the poultry industry, including installations for Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch, Michaels Foods, Tyson Foods and Foster Farms. Uzelac's drying systems process poultry waste including layer manure and by-products including feather meal and egg shells converting material destined to landfills to flash-dried, environmentally and commercially acceptable products contributing to sustainability and profit.

Michael Foods Inc. installed a Model SPD12000 drying system in 1993 which is operating efficiently since commissioning. This unit comprises a stainless steel single-pass, 12 foot diameter by 50 foot long drum capable of processing over 15 tons of manure per hour. The dryer reduces moisture content from 75 percent to 8 percent.

Uzelac's equipment offerings include single- and triple- pass drums, multiple fuel burners, particulate scrubbers, screening systems, coolers and more. The company also offers a full list of services, including design and application engineering, installation and start-up, training of customer personnel, parts, field service and troubleshooting. Uzelac prides itself on being cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Under the leadership of President and CEO Mike Uzelac, the Company values integrity, customer satisfaction and innovation. Family-owned Uzelac Industries operates worldwide from a home base in Greendale, WI, with a satellite location in Neodesha, KS. 

Additional information is available at or by clicking on to the Uzelac logo on the right side of the Welcome page.

(SMS 051-18 January 8th 2018)