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Review Article Promotes Balanced Diets with Animal Protein


A recent comprehensive review article citing 67 references* concluded that nutrient dense diets containing animal protein reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease.  The authors concluded that consumption of unprocessed lean meats, poultry and eggs at recommended levels in a diet incorporating fruits, vegetable, whole grains, nuts and legume would not be deleterious subject to the stipulation that added sugar, sodium and saturated fat should not exceed current recommendations. Unfortunately these restrictions are at present not observed by consumers.

The review refutes the contention that plant-based foods and diets excluding animal products are beneficial with respect to cardiovascular health.

*Petersen, K.S. et al Healthy Dietary Patterns for Preventing Cardio Metabolic Disease: The Role of Plant-Based foods and Animal Products.  Current Development in Nutrition DOI: 10.3945/cdn. 117.001289. November 6, 2017.

(SMS 063-18 January 9th 2018)