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Poultry Industry Does Not Get Sufficient Credit for Training and Philanthropy


USA Today published an announcement by Home Depot on March 9 that their eponymous Foundation in conjunction with the Home Builders Institute will spend $50 million over the next ten years to train 20,000 workers in construction skills.


For decades, the USPOULTRY Foundation has solicited and managed donations from the poultry industry to be channeled in to training programs, university recruitment and research grants which directly support graduate students.


Consumers are generally unaware of the generosity and philanthropy of the industry including donations to food banks.  While it is generally preferable to hide ones light under a bushel, there are obvious advantages in terms of goodwill to publicize through the mainstream and social media the contributions made by the producers and processors of eggs, broilers and turkeys.


Perhaps it would also be advantageous for the USPOULTRY Foundation to set aside funds for structured apprenticeship programs for training in necessary skills including refrigeration, transport, power reticulation and electrical maintenance to strengthen the artisanal level of our industry.