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Timken Survey of Supermarket Consumer Satisfaction


The 2018 Timken Experience Rating of supermarkets based on 10,000 U.S. consumers has been published. The top ten and their ranking scores were:

  • Wegman’s                   86
  • H-E-B                         83
  • Publix                          83
  • Aldi                             82
  • Wawa Food Markets 82
  • Trader Joe’s                 81
  • ShopRight                   81
  • Save-A-Lot                 80
  • Food Lion                   80
  • Meijer                          79
  • Kroger                         79
  • Ivy                               79
  • Winn Dixie                  79

According to Timken, a score of 70 percent or above is considered “good” and a score of 80 percent and above is “excellent”.

The survey takes into account price, value, service, quality of products, variety and other parameters.

Supermarkets averaged an overall 79 percent rating in the 2018 survey and this segment was ranked highest among 20 industry categories.

It is considered interesting that the 3rd and 5th positions were held by deep discount stores which obviously are matching their prices with other benefits. Whole Foods Market scored 72 and Amazon Fresh 67, ranked 22nd and 23rd respectively.