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Cornucopia Institute Highlighting Issues for National Organic Standards Board Meeting


In a recent press release the Cornucopia Institute, representing the interests of small-scale organic producers, highlighted the issues which will be reviewed at the semi-annual meeting of the USDA National Organic Standards Board to be held in Jacksonville, Florida. The major concerns relate to hydroponic culture of produce, fraudulent certification of imported organic feed ingredients and the composition of the National Organic Standards Board.

The Cornucopia Institute maintains that family-operated small-scale farms are being squeezed out by larger producers represented by the Organic Trade Association a sentiment they consider degrades the image of the of the organic label.

The Cornucopia Institute has campaigned aggressively against in-line egg-production complexes which are both efficient and sustainable. The organization fails to recognize that these farms supply the Nation’s supermarkets and wholesale club stores with organic eggs at an affordable price, necessary for the growth of the entire organic sector. In reality much of the organic egg production in the U.S. is derived from individual family-owned farms under contract to integrators, co-operatives, feed mills and packers who provide working capital, logistics and marketing which are beyond the capability of independent producers with small flocks.


(SMS 1,798-17 November 5th 2017)