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Based on the importance of cage-free production, the USDA-AMS issues a monthly report on volumes and prices for the information of Industry stakeholders.

EGG-NEWS summarizes and comments on data and trends in the monthly USDA Cage-Free Report, supplementing the information posted weekly in the Egg Weekly Price and Inventory Report.

The report for the month of April 2018 released on May 7th 2018 documented a 3.8 percent increase in hens producing under the Certified Organic seal and an increase of 5.5 percent in cage-free flocks compared to March 2018. Hen numbers were exactly the same for February and March but increased on average by 5.0 percent in April which suggest a lack of precision in collecting data at monthly intervals. The respective numbers of hens in organic and cage-free flocks reflects the realities of supply and demand in the market.

Average flock production was retained at 75.0 percent for both categories in March and April (accepting USDA data):-


Flock Size (million hens)

Dec. ‘17   Jan. ‘18     Feb.    March    April

Certified Organic

14.7          14.6          15.0      15.0      15.5

Cage-free hens

34.7          35.7          36.9      36.9      38.9

Total non-caged

49.4          50.3          51.9      51.9      54.4


Average weekly production cases, April 2018

Certified Organic

226,902   was 218,692 March +3.8%


567,233   was 537,556 March +5.5%

Total non-caged

794,135    was 751,248 March +5.0%


Average Wholesale Contract Price Cage-Free Brown

$1.60/doz. Unchanged since October ‘17.

Range unchanged at:

FOB Negotiated price, grade quality nest run

Down 13 percent from March

$1.16 to $2.10/doz. (Av. $1.60/doz.) 

$1.30 to $2.18/doz. (Av. $1.76/doz.)



Average Advertised National Retail Price C-F, L, Brown

$2.73/doz. ($2.68 March ‘18.)      Feb.’18 

USDA 6-Region

High: NE

$2.89/doz.              $2.93 NE


Low:  MW

$2.47/doz.              $2.47 SC


Kindly refer to weekly USDA wholesale and retail prices posted in the EGG-NEWS Egg Price and Inventory Report E-mailed each Friday. Previous Monthly Cage-Free Report available under the STATISTICS Tab.