Novogen Celebrates 10th-Year Anniversary


Novogen, part of Groupe Grimaud located in France, celebrates their 10th anniversary since founding by Mickael LeHelloco and Thierry Burlot, respectively, Managing Director and Director of Research and Development of the company.

LeHelloco commented “Our genetic program was the first to take an interest in societal expectations with regard to animal welfare.” Burlot stated “We didn’t only pick these criteria as a large number of our products are perfectly suitable for traditional farms, but a new research approach allowed us to be ahead of the game with regard to unexplored criteria including social behavior, laying time, time spent nesting and shell quality.”

Novogen products are distributed in 50 nations worldwide.

Novogen relies on the strength of the R & D and genetics programs of parent company Groupe Grimaud. Their platform includes genomics, the application of RFID chips and other innovative technologies.

Novogen is developing expertise in production management to assist customers in recognition that although a product is important, providing technical services is an important part of establishing a brand.