Sad Passing of Lou Raffel- Founder President of the AEB


It is with sadness that the U.S. egg-production industry mourns the passing of Louis B. Raffel at the age of 85. Lou was the first president of the AEB, established in 1976 to counter the precipitous drop in egg consumption resulting from intense negative and erroneous publicity over dietary cholesterol.


The challenge of organizing and nurturing the AEB and persuading producers to commit to a check-off of 10 cents per case to support research and promotion was a task befitting his skills as a negotiator, diplomat and respected representative of the industry.



Caption “ Lou receiving the U-B "Egg-Man of the Year” award in 2006

Lou served the AEB for 30 years enthusiastically and with class until his retirement to care for Trudi his wife who was stricken with cancer. During his tenure he advanced the image of eggs by promoting nutritional attributes encapsulated in the slogan “The Incredible Edible Egg.” he coined. Lou conceived and initiated the forerunner of the ENC responsible for funding research dispelling the “cholesterol myth.” This was a long-term mission from which benefits the industry to this day.

In his promotional efforts he established Howard Helmer as the “Omelet King” and ambassador for the industry.  He established the tradition of presenting the First Lady with a Commemorative Egg at the annual Easter Egg Roll in 1977. His efforts in enhancing the image of eggs was recognized in the 1993 Samuel B. Shapiro Award from the Chicago Forum for “accomplishment in association management” In 2006 he was selected as “Egg-Person Of The Year” by Urner-Barry for his service.


From speaking with his industry associates and contemporaries it is evident that Lou was a consummate gentleman, outgoing in his friendships and professional relationships but remaining an intensely private person. His quiet good humor, wisdom and dignity will be missed.