Framework Convention on Climate Change – 2018


Today, December 14th marks the end of the two-week United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held in Poland.  The objective of the Conference is to prepare a definitive set of rules arising from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.


Climate scientists generally accept the goal of limiting temperature rise during the current century to no more than 3.5F above levels pertaining prior to the mid-19th Century industrial revolution.


Despite the fact that 97 percent of scientists believe that climate change is both real and potentially harmful to our way of life and especially the next generation, there is focused rejection of basic data demonstrating an increase in global temperatures, elevated carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, acidification of oceans, melting of glaciers and more intense weather events.


According to the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication approximately seven percent of residents of Washington D.C. consider climate change a hoax compared to a national average of 20 percent. There is more extreme rejection in some rural counties including Woodard in Oklahoma where over 30 percent of residents deny progressive global warming.  Woodard County has a statue of a Stegosaurus with a sign reading, “A dinosaur like this roamed the earth 5,000 years ago.”  This is arrant nonsense since dinosaurs were rendered extinct by a cataclysmic event 66 million years ago. The statue was erected by an owner of an oil-company who is a part-time headmaster of Woodward Christian Academy. Based on biblical sources he strongly believes that humans and dinosaurs co-inhabited the world. He is entitled to his beliefs but not his facts.