MOBA Renovates and Extends Headquarters


The headquarters building of MOBA in Barneveld, the Netherlands is currently undergoing a major renovation and extension.  Frank van Gerrevink, Director of Technical services stated, “When I started at MOBA four years ago, it was clear we either had to move or renovate and expand the current head office. Because we are very proud of our history, and as we are intertwined with Barneveld and enjoy a great relationship with the local authorities the decision to stay and renovate was easy.”


The project commenced in September 2018 and will involve demolition of the front office, erecting a second story, installing, a new façade and expanding the injection molding plant and adding warehousing.  In the interests of sustainability the building will incorporate over 1,000 solar panels. Transparency was inherent to the re-design. Large vertical windows were installed and visitors can view the factory floor.

Architect’s Depiction of new MOBA headquarters