King and Sensenbrenner Proposals Omitted from 2018 Farm Bill


Despite inclusion of HR 4879 “Protect Interstate Commerce Act” (‘The King Amendment’) and HR 2887 the “States Rights Elimination Act” in the House version of the 2018 Farm Bill, neither proposal was included in the Conference Committee Version sent to the President for signature.


The King Amendment was an attempt to invalidate California Statute AB1437. This law imposed the same standards of housing and management of flocks producing eggs to be shipped to California as those required for in-state production. As written the “King Amendment” would have invalidated a broad swath of state laws pertaining to livestock, companion animals and a wide range of local ordinances and state legislation creating confusion and a legal morass. Accordingly it was opposed by over 150 associations and organizations and when reviewed had no chance of enactment. An opinion advanced by faculty at the Harvard Law School that the Amendment would nullify 176 state laws was refuted by Rep. King (R-IA) who claimed that his bill would “restore regulation of interstate commerce to Congress and not to states”