Lame Duck 115th Congress Passed the 2018 Farm Bill Without Including Work Requirements for Recipients of Food Stamps


Currently 40 million Americans receive benefits in terms of the SNAP program, double the number two decades ago despite record low unemployment. As many as nine million Food Stamp recipients are capable of work but report no earnings.

Both Congress and the White House are in the unenviable position of pressure from conservative reformers advocating an overhaul of the program. This imperative is in conflict with the need to placate aggrieved farmers who are suffering as a result of tariffs imposed by China in response to aggressive action by the U.S..

The December 10th issue of The Wall Street Journal characterizes the 2018 Farm Bill as a “GOP Food Stamp Failure.” The article concluded that the 115th Congress “is going out with a whimper, since this was the last chance for a pro-growth Government reform.”