Ovotrack Introduces Hatchtrack


Ovotrack B.V. developed the Hatchtrack system in 2012 installation for a facility in Holland.  The system is based on the proven Ovotrack management program but was adapted for hatcheries.  It is possible to document the production chain from fertile eggs as produced by a contractor or company farm through the hatchery and then forward as day-old chicks to grow-out.  This makes possible recall given the unique barcode identification of egg racks and chick conveyors. 

The Hatchtrack system can be used as a stand-alone management program but can be integrated into existing electronic reporting systems or financial databases compatible with Microsoft® and NetSuite™.  The Hatchtrack system includes:


  • Labeling of egg racks with a barcode label and scanning at both the time of collection and then delivery to the hatchery. 
  • Barcodes are scanned during transfer of eggs.  Each individual set of trolleys link to a setter and position within the setter. 
  • Hatching baskets are linked to specific dollies and record designated hatchers and positions within the hatcher. 
  • Dollies are scanned before chick processing and chick counts are correlated to automated vaccination. 
  • Labels designating batch information for chick boxes are printed
  • Chick containers are scanned before shipment and correlated with delivery information.