Addressing Gloom-and-Doom


The first edition of CHICK-NEWS for 2019 mailed on Wednesday contained a wish list for the coming year.  Collectively we would want to see a more harmonious and productive legislature, immigration reform, freedom from catastrophic disease and   bountiful 2019 corn and soybean harvests.


Our anticipations as we wish our colleagues and contacts the usual “Happy New Year” are tempered by anxiety and concern over the immediate future.


  • We are in the 14th day of an entirely unnecessary partial Federal shutdown. Although essential services continue, the effects are now becoming evident. The shutdown is self-inflicted and is due to the temporary breakdown in collective responsibility for our national wellbeing by politicians motivated by their personal and parochial considerations.  There is validity in the contentions of both sides of this impasse. The solution is compromise for the greater good.
  • Wild fluctuations in the stock market are symptomatic of a sense of insecurity and instability. While our economy is apparently sound the U.S. faces international pressures with a slowdown in China, uncertainty over Brexit, disparity between supply and demand for energy and restraints to the exercise of free trade.
  • The prospect of political deadlock as the 116th Congress is sworn in and anticipated tension between the House and the Executive Branch has ominous implications. We cannot afford to waste time and effort in political bickering while Congress needs to enact legislation to resolve the immigration crisis, protect our homeland security, reduce the national debt and relieve poverty through job creation. If one side claims victory over an issue ultimately we all loose.


There is no simple solution to a very complex series of problems, many of which are interrelated and are the result of neglect by previous Administrations. Some challenges are the result of impetuous recent decisions and are now subject to the Law of Unintended Consequences. Politicians on three continents and especially in our own Nation need to put aside pre-election rhetoric, deflate their egos and move beyond the personal imperative for re-election. Implementing bipartisanship, adopting a sense of “doing what’s right” and applying the Golden Rule would go a long way to addressing problems which are glaringly apparent during the first week of 2019. We have swept up the confetti, cleared away the champagne glasses and it is now time to get to work and confront realities. 


The swearing-in of the 116th Congress could result in brinkmanship and confrontation without resolution of our problems.


This commentator is optimistic that reason will prevail, compromise will emerge as an acceptable approach and that problems will be amicably resolved. We are reliant on a growing economy and increased spending to sustain growth in consumption of eggs and poultry products. We need a rational immigration policy to staff our farms and plants. We need functional infrastructure to move ingredients and products. We need unrestricted fair trade to capitalize on our production potential.


All of this can be accomplished by the Executive and Legislative branches of our government placing the common good above narrow political restraints.