Campylobacteriosis Common as a Food-Borne Infection in the E.U.


According to a release from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, analogous to the U.S. CDC, there were 250,000 confirmed cases of campylobacteriosis in the E.U. in 2016. This is the most commonly encountered food-borne infection in the E.U. since 2005. Approximately 70 percent of E.U. cases are recorded in the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain and the U.K. The apparent low prevalence in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, Portugal and Romania is possibly a function of diagnosis and reporting rather than an actual lower prevalence rate.

In 2016, the ECDPC recorded 62 fatalities with the majority in the elderly. As with previous studies, campylobacteriosis is a seasonal disease with the highest incidence during June to August.