Japan-E.U. Trade Agreement Now a Realty


As the Japan-European Union Trade Agreement commences operation, the U.S. will be at a disadvantage unless a U.S.-Japan agreement is soon concluded. This adverse situation would not have occurred had the U.S. not unilaterally withdrawn from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement in 2017.

In commenting on the Japan-E.U. Trade Agreement, Jim Sumner of USAPEEC stated "We are especially concerned for our processed egg companies because Japan is by far our top market for processed egg products.

For the period January through October 2018, Japan was the leading importer of egg products with a volume of 8,985 metric tons valued at $37.8 million. Egg product exports to Japan in the 10-month period in 2018 represented 34 percent of volume and 48.7 percent of value of U.S. exported egg products.