Panera Bread to Purchase Au Bon Pain


In a November 8th press release, Panera Bread announced that it will acquire the Au Bon Pain company.  This action represents completion of a cycle since the progenitor of Au Bon Pain, the St. Louis Bread Company was established by Ron Shaich, Founder, chairman and CEO of Panera Bread. St. Louis Bread Company was eventually expanded and renamed Panera Bread. Shaich sold Au Bon Pain stores in 1998. 


The intent of the acquisition is to provide Panera Bread with a platform in small-store and kiosk formats especially in airports, train stations and other locations which cannot accommodate a large Panera Bread store.


Ron Shaich has announced his impending withdrawal from the post of CEO but he will remain as an Executive Chairman with Blaine Hurst continuing as president and CEO. Panera Bread was acquired recently by JAB, a multinational private investment group.  The company owns Keurig Green Mountain and Krispy Kreme in the U.S. and has attempted to acquire Dunkin’ Brands.


(SMS 1,864-17 November 13th 2017)