Chore-Time Introduces VolitoTM Valego Nest Systems


Following the acquisition of the Volito Group in Holland, Chore-Time has introduced the Valego Nest system to the North American market.

Valego nests are constructed of high-grade film-faced plywood with galvanized steel frames. Assembly is simple using TaptiteTM screws. The adjustable legs are constructed of stainless steel. Valego nests use AstroTurf® pads.

Valego nests are designed with a common platform but can be configured with rack-drive expulsion with either flat or pitched roofs. An alternative model is available with a movable-floor expulsion system.

Options include variable-speed drive units, classical brush-style return installations, collection tables, conveyors and elevators.

Chore-Time is part of the CTB, Inc. family of companies operating globally from facilities in Indiana, Alabama, the Netherlands and Poland.



(SMS 1,872-17 November 17th 2017)