Wilcox Farms Share Positive Experiences from Ovotrack Installations


Wilcox Farms commenced installation of Ovotrack systems in 2010 and the company has steadily upgraded and extended the range of equipment.  Eggs delivered by all contractor-suppliers are now traceable using Ovotrack Farm Labeling, Ovotrack Receive, Ovotrack Loader and Grader Communication. 


Each pallet with nest-run eggs is individually labeled.  These are scanned on receipt at the plant and are subsequently rescanned at the point of loading. The Moba Omnia Grader reports grade-out to the Ovotrack system.  Results are relayed to producers and are also incorporated into the weekly production report.


In 2018 the Ovotrack system was converted to be compatible with the PX530 Grader allowing Wilcox Farms to automate recording using a MR50 D-Palletizing Robot.


Andy Wilcox, director of egg operations notes that the Ovotrack system allows the company to identify and separate all batches of eggs supplied contributing to positive traceability and also to conform to welfare certification.


 For further information access info@ovotrack.NL or contact Matt Poole, commercial representative for Ovotrack in the U.S. and Canada mpoole3447@yahoo.com.  Details of Ovotrack systems can be accessed at www.ovotrack.com