APHIS and CADFA Impose Quarantines in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties


Faced with an escalating incidence of vvNewcastle disease in the two counties, authorities have imposed quarantines on all backyard exhibition chickens (a consistently applied euphemism for fighting cocks) in the localities of Muscovy, Ontario, Mira Loma and Perris.  In terms of the quarantine owners must hold, and isolate their flocks on the current premises.  Given the nature of the birds concerned and taking into account the attitude of their owners, enforcing the regulation may be less than successful. 


It is noted that an individual outbreak occurred in Utah County, UT., attributed to illegal movement of fighting cocks from Southern California.


As of February 7th, 2019 there have been 363 cases of vvNewcastle disease among three Southern California counties plus one case in Ventura County.  One pullet flock and four commercial laying flocks have been infected with the disease which must now be considered endemic among non-commercial backyard and fighting cock flocks.  This reality should guide appropriate action by the authorities.  Persistence of infection since May 2018 suggests that it is only a matter of time before the infection extends from the three-county locality northward to higher concentrations of commercial poultry.  Implications for enhanced biosecurity are self-evident.