Newcastle Disease Outbreaks in Game Fowl in Mexico


A Friday 15th posting on ProMED confirms that authorities in Mexico have reported to the OIE a series of four outbreaks of velogenic viscerotropic Newcastle Disease (vvND = END) in game fowl (fighting cocks) in Guanajuato, Jalisco and Chiapas states. Individual flocks were apparently depleted and quarantines have been imposed. An epidemiologic investigation is in progress.

It is noted that vvND is endemic in many states in Mexico and clinical outbreaks may be attributed to a failure to administer vaccines that are generally effective in suppressing clinical signs of infection.

The presence of vvND in game fowl in Mexico in all probability has a common relationship to ongoing outbreaks in Southern California. Accordingly operators of commercial flocks should regard all employees and visitors as having attended a cock-fight the previous night and impose appropriate structural and operational biosecurity precautions.