Mea culpa Over USAPEEC Posting on Promotion in India


Perhaps I was too hasty in commenting adversely on the recent promotional event organized by the USAPEEC and the AEB in India posted on Friday March 8th. The item elicited a response from Jim Sumner justifying the event. In fairness to Jim, a stalwart and tireless promoter of exporting U.S. poultry products the reasoning behind the program is presented in his own words.

"India is emerging as the fastest growing egg market, with consumption crossing over 88 billion in 2016 and 2017. The per capita consumption of eggs has increased from 30 eggs per annum to 69 eggs per annum in the last two decades. However, The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) recommends a minimum of 180 eggs per annum. Even after the significant increase in consumption, the Indian population is still more than 100 eggs below the annual recommendation.

The focus of these seminars was on processed eggs for the foodservice industry, and currently only five percent of eggs produced in India are processed. These seminars highlighted the use and functionality of processed U.S. eggs - dried whole egg powder was used for demonstration purposes at these seminars. The seminars also talked about the nutritional benefits of eggs. The increasing demand for processed egg products in QSR chains, large food retail chains, and bakeries (which need standardization and consistency), as well as in the pharmaceutical industry coupled with a limited domestic production the U.S. has potential to capture a significant market share in India with limited competition.

And again, their food service industry is certainly not accustomed to the high quality eggs available from countries such as the U.S. We feel that once exposed to our eggs, they will come to the realization that they can improve the level of their food service products".

I am indebted to Jim for the explanation and his wise counsel. The U.S. Industry receives a disproportionately high return from expenditure on promotion by the USAPEEC that produces benefits for producers in our Nation but also for the consumers in importing countries.