Executive Departures From Lidl.


Following the recent resignation of Patrick Kaudewitz, CEO of Kaufland, a German affiliate of Lidl, owned by the Schwarz Group, Jesper Hojer announced his resignation as CEO of Lidl with immediate effect.

Claus Gehrig, CEO of Schwarz Group has assumed control of the Kaufland chain pending a replacement for Kaudewitz. The U.S. chief executive of Lidl, Roman Heini previously reported to Hojer. Ignazio Paterno who formerly led the Italian division of Lidl may replace Hojer.

The Schwarz Group, owned and controlled by Dieter Schwarz has witnessed high turnover with three CEOs in five years. There have been no explanations for the abrupt and frequent changes in top management, but possible factors include interpersonal conflicts and the slow rollout of Lidl in the U.S and apparently suboptimal ROI.