EIC Recognizes ISU President Wendy Wintersteen


In a private ceremony on March 5, 2019, the Egg Industry Center Advisory Board gave special recognition to Board member, Wendy Wintersteen ISU President.

As Dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at Iowa State University, Wintersteen was key to the development of the Egg Industry Center (EIC), launched in 2008, and contributed to continued growth over the suceding ten years.

In presenting Dr. Wintersteen with an award Center Director, Dr. Hongwei Xin said "She has been very instrumental in developing the Center to where it is today," He added "the president has really played a key role working with our stakeholders, supporting us financially, and providing her commitment and dedication to developing this magnificent center."


Vice Chairman of the EIC Advisory Board, Blair Van Zetten, President of Oskaloosa Food Products Corporation recognized Winterseen's tenacity when it came to starting the center. He stated  "I know at the beginning it was not an easy go – it was a great idea, and it took fortitude and intensity to get it done,"


Dr. Wintersteen passed her seat on the EIC board to Daniel J. Robison, the recently appointed Endowed Dean's Chair of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University.

Photo Caption: Xin and Van Zetten present Winterseen with a token of appreciation for her service to Egg Industry Center