Salmonella Carrau Infection Traced to Contaminated Melon


An outbreak of salmonellosis affecting 93 consumers to date was traced back to Caito Foods LLC a processor of salads and prepared foods, acquired by SpartanNash in 2017.

An epidemiologic investigation was initiated following recognition of the Salmonella Carrau outbreak that commenced on March 4th and extended through the beginning of April.

Caito Foods has recalled fresh cut watermelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe and mixtures packed in PET clamshell containers over 16 states. Prepacked melon products were sold to Kroger, Walmart, and Trader Joe’s in Indiana and Target and Whole Foods in other states. Indiana, Michigan and Ohio reported the highest proportion of the cases diagnosed to date.

This outbreak illustrates that a combination of state laboratories linked to a central database allows epidemiologists to recognize outbreaks. PCR is used identify pathogens and   whole genome sequencing provides public health authorities with the ability to trace the source of infections and implement recalls and other preventive action.