Damage from March Flooding now Apparent


Unprecedented flooding in the upper Midwest has caused $12.5 billion in direct losses, comparable to the aftermath of hurricanes Irene in 2011 and Matthew in 2016.  Flooding affected more one million acres of crop land, breached levees, washed away roads and rivers, saturated stored grain and soybeans, contaminated drinking water wells and damaged homes, vehicles and equipment.  Losses in Nebraska, Wisconsin and Iowa exceeded $2 billion for each state.


Saturated fields coupled with the prospect of more rain and snow melt will delay planting of the 2019 crop which will possibly result in additional losses. 


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration issued a spring outlook on March 21 indicating major or moderate flooding in 25 states in the upper and middle Mississippi River basins, the eastern Missouri River, the lower Ohio, Columbine and Tennessee River basins.