Lonza Forms Strategic Partnership with Chr. Hansen on Microbiome Development


Lonza of Switzerland and Chr. Hansen of Denmark have formed a joint venture to adapt the microbiome for potential biopharmaceutical “bugs as drugs”.  Currently there are at least 60 preclinical trials in progress worldwide to evaluate the potential of beneficial intestinal bacteria.


The venture has been capitalized at a level of $50 million with an equivalent sum to be injected in 2022.


Chr. Hansen will evaluate and propagate microbial strains using patented fermentation technology.  Lonza will be responsible for ultimately formulating and manufacturing microbial suspensions for commercial application.


Lonza developed the enTrinsic technology following the acquisition of Capsugel in 2017.  A structural mesh inside a shell protects microbes from degradation by gastric acid allowing subsequent release in the duodenum and ileum.


It is estimated that the anaerobic microbe market will attain $200 million annually by 2025.

Research on pharmaceutical applications of beneficial organisms based on the human microbiome will eventually be extended to livestock, paralleling current developments by suppliers to the intensive livestock industry.