Spring Planting to be Delayed by March Floods


A report in the April 22nd edition of The Wall Street Journal by Jake Holland documents persistence of flooding in areas of Iowa, Nebraska, the Dakotas and Missouri adjacent to major rivers. Soil is saturated and planting will obviously be delayed, possibly too late in some instances for corn.

Sections of Interstate 29 parallel to the Missouri river are still closed in Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa. This is a repetition of the extensive flooding in 1993 and 2011 according to the national Weather Service.

The poultry industry will be influenced by progress in planting and prospective yields since this will affect acreage harvested and prices for commodities. Flooding in the Midwest only adds to the uncertainty associated with the trade situation and exports to China. In the event of resumption of large-scale exports of soybeans and corn, coupled with constrained supply, the poultry industry may be faced with increased production costs on a relatively saturated market for chicken meat and an evident oversupply in turkeys and eggs.