Ovotrack Compatibility with Moba Diamond and Staalkat Graders


Ovotrack have upgraded software to ensure connectivity with Moba Omnia, and Sanovo Ardenta, OptiGrader and GraderPro equipment.

Entering the loader, Ovotrack creates a batch identity by scanning a farm-affixed bar code label. Data encoded can include farm name, egg type, quantity, date of lay and certification status. This information is shared with offline packers that are able to create specific batch identities for individual pallets or racks. Post-grading results are reported according to the delivered batch identification. Results are exported to the Ovotrack database in real time. Data can be collated to reflect farm, house, time-period or egg type for instantaneous trace-back to source.

 Ovotrack software eliminates the need to manually sort and group results of grading and to prepare settlement statements for suppliers. Ovotrack results can also be used to plan packing schedules and to ensure availability of packing material. For further details, access info@ovotrack.nl.