Austrian Producer Upgrades Ovotrack Installation


Poringer Frischei in Austria commenced using an Ovotrack system in 2004. In late 2014, Poringer installed a Moba Omnia grader with an MR 50 depalletizing robot. Ovotrack was able to adapt software and integrate the components into a system to allow automatic changes among batches packed. An ECI tag is attached to the top corner of each pallet on receipt at the plant. The ECI tags are read by a scanner on the Moba grader that in turn activates a batch change on the Omnia packer.

Poringer was the first user of Ovotrack to transmit production orders to the grader and to reconcile printed labels with specific orders. Poringer supplies a large market for dyed eggs, operating probably the largest egg-coloring plant in the world.

CEO of the company, Alexandra Furthner-Poringer stated “Traceability of colored eggs is as important as traceability as all other eggs we process and sell”. She added “We need to know which eggs are processed on each coloring machine and which customers they are sent to. Therefore we scan every pallet we process, register date and time and coloring machine and label each case of colored eggs with a unique ID and barcode”.