American Humane Named the “Best Charity” by Consumer Reports


Consumer Reports recently named American Humane a Best Charity in recognition of their management, policies, transparency and service, following an extensive review of ratings by diverse non-profit watchdog organizations.  Charity Navigator assigned a “4-star” rating to American Humane representing the major national humane group so honored.  American Humane is listed by the Better Business Bureau among the select list of the “Wise Giving Alliance”.  American Humane is a “Top Rated Charity” with an A Rating by the American Institute of Philanthropy “CharityWatch” and has earned a gold-level seal from GuideStar USA for commitment to transparency and accountability.  Credentials of American Humane contrast sharply with the Humane Society of the United States which has consistently lagged in assigning income to animal-related activities, functioning as a lobbying and self-interest organization with a string of scandals in recent history.