Hendrix Genetics Benefits from U.S. Distribution Network


Concurrent with the move towards non-caged flocks, Hendrix Genetics initiated a program of direct production and distribution to producers in North America. The considerable investment in hatcheries vehicles and support allowed the company to deliver 60 million day old pullet chicks in 2018. Hendrix offers two white strains (DeKalb and Shaver) and two brown strains (ISA and Bovans).

The performance of the white strains was evaluated in the most recent 40th North Carolina State Random Sample Trial. Over a single cycle combining the white strains, Hendrix Genetics produced 426 eggs in conventional cages, 368 in a colony system and 449 cage-free. Comparative egg production from other breeders attained to 398, 361 and 407 eggs per hen respectively. Superior egg production was reflected in revenue over feed cost with a 72 cent per hen advantage in conventional cages, 75 cent in colonies and $2.49 for cage-free flocks.

Ken Alvarez, Director of Sales and Marketing for Hendrix Genetics predicts that Shaver White and DeKalb flocks will soon achieve 500 eggs in 100 weeks without molting under optimal conditions.

The Hendrix philosophy is to provide optimal genetic potential supported by technical service and strict quality control through multiplication hatching and delivery. Alvarez commented “we are focused on providing field support by leveraging the expertise of our team to deliver customer success”. He added “the most important business for us is repeat business”.