EPA Backtracks on Plan to Reveal Names of Waiver Recipients


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has apparently cancelled an announced policy to publish the identity of refineries receiving waivers under the Renewable Fuels Standard.


The proposal made public in mid-April blindsided the White House and the oil industry.  The proposal was not published in the Federal Register but was widely discussed, meeting with the support of the Renewable Fuels Association, the industry group representing ethanol producers.

Withdrawing the plan after announcement will incur the enmity of both the corn lobby and the RFA.


Waivers can be extended to small fuel refiners processing under 75,000 barrels of fuel per day if it can be proved that complying with the RFS, requiring purchasing of EINs would represent a financial hardship.  It is noted that many small refineries are in fact owned by large oil companies including Chevron and Exxon.


Waivers have been a source of concern for the RFA since they materially diminish their potential market and reduce the artificial demand for ethanol to be added to gasoline.