Kroger Focusing on Home Chef® Meal Kits


Despite intense competition and negligible profitability in the home-meal kit market, the Kroger Company has added convenience-related items to the Home Chef range.  Pilot testing of heat-and-eat lunch kits will begin in late May at 68 Kroger stores in Illinois and Ohio.


Home Chef Meal Kits are available in 900 Kroger banners and offer the advantage of speed, variety and elimination of post-meal cleanup.  Kroger claim a five-minute preparation time followed by cooking for 30 minutes. A meal will serve two diners at under $9 per serving. 

For the new Home Chef range, six new recipes will be added incorporating conventional and ethnic dishes with new recipes each month.  A Kroger spokesperson stated, “Our new meal solutions provide additional flexibility for families and individuals who want to get a meal on the table quickly.”


It appears that rapid home dining has progressed full circle from TV dinners through from-scratch preparation to meal kits.