USPOULTRY Foundation Approves a Grant to Investigate False Layer Syndrome


The University of Georgia will receive a grant from the USPOULTRY Foundation in part provided by a gift from Cargill to investigate the cause and prevention of false layer syndrome. This condition first described in the 1960s, re-emerged in the U.S and Canada sporadically in 2017 and is attributed to exposure of pullets to specific strains of infectious bronchitis.

Introduction of routine vaccination of pullets at the hatchery with infectious bronchitis strain Ma5 appears to provide sufficient protection and together with subsequent live and inactivated vaccines has resolved the problem. Notwithstanding the current situation, a detailed study into the pathogenesis of the condition and the specific strains of infectious bronchitis virus involved will be beneficial to the industry, especially if the condition reappears or if other strains of infectious bronchitis emerge affecting the urogenital system.