Dr. Denise Heard to Direct USPOULTRY Research


Effective October 1st, Dr. Denise Heard will succeed Dr. John Glisson as Director of Research. She will administer the USPOULTRY Foundation comprehensive research program and the Board Research Initiative program. Since inception, more than $32 million has been reinvested in research benefiting 50 universities and federal and state institutions.

Previously, Dr. Heard was the Senior Coordinator of the USDA National Poultry Improvement Plan. She received  BS, DVM and MAM degrees from the University of Georgia and earned a Certificate in Public Leadership from Washington University.

John Starkey, president of USPOULTRY paid tribute to the outstanding service provided to the Association and Foundation by Dr. John Glisson over an eight-year period.

In commenting on her appointment Dr. Heard noted “The research programs operated by USPOULTRY and the Foundation are an important component for innovation in the U.S. poultry industry. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to be involved in the future achievements of these research programs and particularly appreciate their strong foundation and legacy”.