Epigenetic Studies Demonstrate Benefits of Linpro® in Pullet Rearing


Studies sponsored by O&T Farms conducted at the University of Guelph by Dr. Elijah Kiarie demonstrated that increasing the omega-3 fatty acid content of diets fed to parent hens increased the bone strength of progeny pullets. Both increased breaking strength and ash content of the tibia at 12 weeks of age were demonstrated.


Omega-3 fatty acids were contributed by inclusion of Linpro® in diets. Dr. Kiarie stated, “Omega-3 fatty acids play critical roles in the regulation of a variety of biological processes including development of vital organs such as skeleton, brain, gastrointestinal systems and may engender transgenerational effects on development and behavior.”


Studies on epigenetics continue to determine possible effects on a range of systems that may translate to enhanced production and margins.