FDA and CDC Investigating Salmonellosis Attributed to Papayas


The CDC has documented 71 cases of Salmonella Uganda from papayas resulting in 27 hospitalizations.  Cases occurred in eight states including Massachusetts and Texas.  Epidemiologic traceback implicated the Cavi brand distributed to supermarkets and restaurants.  The outbreak is restricted to the Cavi brand and accordingly FDA has advised consumers to destroy any of these papayas but it is no longer necessary to avoid other fresh papayas.


This outbreak demonstrates that multi-state cases of a food-borne disease can be rapidly recognized applying FoodNet followed by epidemiologic studies to ascertain the vehicle of infection and the chain of distribution. This reduces the probability of additional incident cases and prevents collateral damage to unaffected products and brands. The use of whole genome sequencing can characterize a pathogen and is of value in developing preventive strategies in addition to having legal implications.