Brazil Corn Crop Quantified


According to USDA GAIN Report BR1920 released June 25th, corn production in Brazil during market year 2018/2019 will exceed 2017/2018 by 25 percent.  This is due to more favorable growing conditions compared with the previous season impacted by drought especially affecting the safrinha (second) crop. 


Corn will be harvested from 45 million acres with a yield of 82 bushels per acre (166 in the U.S.).  Production during the 2019/2020 year will be 3.7 billion bushels.  With carryover stocks, total supply will be 3.99 billion bushels.  Of this quantity 31 percent will be exported, 52 percent retained for feed and residual and 12 percent diverted to ethanol production.  In the southern regions of Brazil, some corn production has been displaced by soybeans that generate a higher return than corn, given the trade conflict between the U.S. and China.