CDC Updates Salmonellosis Reports From Backyard Poultry


In a July 19th release, the CDC confirmed a total of 768 cases of various serotypes of Salmonella infection in 48 states. Approximately one third of the patients have been hospitalized with two fatalities.  It is extremely unfortunate that 24 percent of the illness occurred among children under 5 years of age.


Based on 315 interviews with 75 percent reporting contact with chicks or ducklings, it is evident that contact with backyard poultry acquired from numerous hatcheries are the sources of infection.  Chicks and ducklings are purchased from agricultural stores and directly from hatcheries.  Five outbreak strains predominate and were recovered from poultry, their environment, and from retail stores.


CDC has issued a number of advisories directed to mail-order hatcheries, and prospective owners of chicks and ducklings in addition to appropriate postings on the CDC website including