Kroger Enters Into Yet another Food Distribution Endeavor


In recent months, Kroger seems to be diverging from its core competency as a leading food retailer through its supermarket chain.  The latest iteration is a joint venture with an enterprise named ClusterTruck.  With the initial reading of the announcement it occurred to this commentator that it was in fact a spoof.  The first negative was the unfortunate name of the company deploying mobile kitchens, basically sophisticated food trucks.  The name may have appeared amusing at 2 am in an extended planning session involving superannuated frat boys back in 2015 but the appellation is inconsistent with good taste.

The ClusterTruck concept involves consumers ordering a meal using an app and within 30 minutes will receive a cooked delivery less than 10 minutes from the oven.


Susie Monford, Group Vice-president of Fresh for Kroger stated, “Kroger delivery kitchen customers can order pizza or pad Thai on the same order and get it hot and fresh within minutes of the meals being prepared.  We are excited to work together to bring this partnership to life to provide our customers with real food delivered to their doorstep.”


Chris Baggott, co-founder and CEO of Cluster Truck stated, “This winning combination has allowed us to thrill customers across the country while achieving profitability.  We are excited to partner with Kroger to redefine the food experience for their valued customers.”


I’m now sure that this isn’t a spoof but whatever happened to either cooking in one’s own kitchen or simply dining in a restaurant?