Jeffrey Hendricks Appointed as National Shell Egg Supervisor


Jeff Hendricks has been promoted from Assistant National Shell Egg Supervisor to the lead role as National Shell Egg Supervisor for the Agricultural Marketing Service, Livestock and Poultry Program. He will be responsible for policy and regulatory development activities relating to grading, certification, and will monitor the Shell Egg surveillance program.


Jeff has over 20 years experience in egg and poultry grading and has served in supervisory positions for the Georgia Department of Agriculture and Quality Assessment Division. In his most recent position, Jeff was a co-leader of a project to review sanitation procedures for pre-operation inspections for shell egg processing facilities and has conducted technical training schools for shell egg Graders.

Jeff Hendricks

Jeff has worked closely with egg industry organizations and academia to develop uniform and enforceable standards. Jeff earned a baccalaureate degree in agriculture from the University of Georgia.


Mark Perigen, Interim National Supervisor for Shell Eggs, will revert to his position as Director of the Western Region Grading Program for eggs, poultry and beef.