Blue Apron Fighting for Survival


In a last ditch attempt to maintain independence and a public listing, Blue Apron is developing a strategy to attract and retain customers.  The company intends to provide more choice and flexibility.  Partnerships have been developed with Weight Watchers and The American Diabetes Association in order to extend demand. The Meal Prep option by Blue Apron has been introduced to allow consumers to prepare meals in advance with options for dietary fads including pescatarian, carb-conscious and other permutations.


The problem with Blue Apron initiatives is that the company with limited resources and mounting losses is attempting to be all things to all customers.  This is evident in the statement by CEO Linda Kozlowski who opined "while implementing expanded choice and additional flexibility in our products we were able to maintain our high animal welfare and responsible sourcing standards in our proteins, high quality product and dairy."


Recently Blue Apron has consolidated production locations and laid-off workers.  The hyenas are circulating and there is speculation that the company will be acquired and operated as a  private holding of an investment group. Not a difficult scenario with a current share price of $2.94 and a 50-day moving average of $3.60. APRN has traded over the past 52 weeks in a range of $18.86 down to $2.02.

Linda Kozlowski CEO

Blue Apron


Blue Apron (APRN) has a market capitalization of $39 million. Sales value declined 33 percent over the past year due to competition and customer disaffection. The Company posted a twelve-month trailing operating margin of -11 percent and a profit margin of -13 percent.